Cantine 4 Valli | The Company
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The Company

The strength of the Cantine Quattrovalli fundamentally lies in the unity of the family, the members of the family nucleus work together to achieve a shared goal: to produce wines with great care and attention paid to quality, without losing sight of their territorial roots. The production philosophy of Cantine Quattrovalli is to offer its customers an articulated choice of wines from Italy’s highest vocation areas; the rigorous principle and true cornerstone of the policy is to guarantee consumers that each and every wine offers an absolute expression of its territorial origins. It is based in Montale, where it covers an area of approximately 5,000 square metres, 2,000 of which are covered by the production plant. The cellar has a capacity to hold 14,674 hectolitres of wine stored in stainless steel, vitrified cement and fibreglass tanks. The wine is stored in tanks and, if intended to produce sparkling wines and spumantes, re-fermented according to the Martinotti method, in an autoclave. The wine is carefully controlled during refinement and through to when it is sent for bottling. Before actual bottling takes place, sterile micro filtration occurs, which assures the product biological stability, preserving the aromas and natural organoleptic characteristics. Bottling takes place at the site owned by the Ferrari and Perini families, in Montale. The production line uses cutting-edge machinery that ensure wine is protected from accidental oxygenation or pollution, and specialised staff who are scrupulous in paying careful attention to controlling and verifying all stages of production, in order to guarantee that the consumer maintains the original quality. The bottling lines can produce the classic glass bottles in various formats, with a potential of 40,000 litres per day at the Montale site. Once the finished product is boxed, it is stored in the warehouse whilst awaiting delivery.